Trouble Brews

In the year 986 YK, Khorvaire is bleeding from nearly one hundred years of a war that has been called by many The Last War, for they do not believe that anyone will survive it. The Five Nations are exhausted from their individual efforts to claim the throne of Galifar, but the sovereigns of the land are all too stubborn to call for an end to the violence, or worse, admit defeat.

In the western frontier province of Breland known as Droaam, trouble brews. The region has always been considered wild and dangerous, overrun for the most part by giants, goblins and other monsters. These creatures, while deadly on their own, have never been a major threat to the rulers of the land. But in recent months, attacks on Brelish settlements have grown more bold and organized, and there are whispers by many that someoneā€¦or maybe something now controls these beasts, and will soon lead them to war.

Red Hand of Doom Eberron