Red Hand of Doom Eberron



The party took its various methods of travel to get to the center of the great lake in the middle of the Blackfens. Aros and Dahai swam from the edges, easily avoiding lizardfolk. Dahai as a large river porpoise would have stood out in the grat flooded plain, but she swam deep enough to avoid notice, dragging the waterbreathing Aros behind her. The flooded city was amazing to look at, full of fish and new life, evidence of lizardfolk’s passing, and the odd swamp predator or two. But the shifted druid and her commander managed to avoid any problems on their journey.

After convincing IED to crawl into the bag of holding, something that took more than a little persuasion, Jean took off to get to the Town Hall via the air. Her voyage was similarly uneventful, but vastly more informative. She flew high over lizardfolk huts, which resembled nothing so much as giant beaver lodges, and estimated that each hut housed ~10 adult lizardfolk. She also caught sight of an old bell tower, which looked like it was manned and ready to ring a warning bell. She moved a little higher up and tried to mimic the flight path of a bird so as to avoid any calamitous bell-ringing. She did note that the tower was within viewing and hearing range of the Town Hall, but didn’t see any easy way for the guards to get from one to the other.

As she flew over the Town Hall itself, she saw a large structure that was partially submerged, with only two stories above the water, and probably two below. The top floor housed four ogres in various walled rooms on the roof. Two more appeared to be standing watch on a main platform below. In the center of the building was a huge hole which appeared to go straight through the next floor as well to the water below.

From her high vantagepoint, Jean could see the idling Dahai and Aros, and she flew close to the water above them.*

  • Note – I have IED out of the bag on the map, but that’s just for bookkeeping purposes – so that I don’t forget to put him on the map later.

What must have been an impressive stone structure now lies half-submerged in the lake. Its facade still displays majestic heroes bearing heraldic lion devies and armed with swords spears, and bows, their countenances carved into marble pillars. The building’s ground floor is now completely submerged and its second floor sits just above the water level, its marble heroes caked with moss and mud. The third floor has partially collapsed, exposing its rooms to the sky above. A wooden walkway has been lashed together around the building’s perimeter, and a floating bridge leads to a nearby low ruin surrounded by a wooden palisade. Two flights of wooden stairs lead up along the facade to the ruined roof above.

  • Note about the map – the left portion is the floor even with the water. There are no monster tokens inside because you can’t see in. The right portion is just the roof of the structure. Imagine it on top of the left portion.

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